What is Street Magic?

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What is Street Magic?

Magic has become increasingly popular over the last few years. With the popularity of individuals, such as David Blaine and Criss Angel, a new generation of magicians are being born.

Much of the magic that has become popular is now called Street Magic. I think what most people associate with “Street Magic” is the visual, impromptu, in-your-face, hit-and-run magic that has been popularized by David Blaine over the past few years. Another term that’s been used quite a bit is Guerilla Magic. This is where a magician would walk up to (or ambush) unsuspecting people and perform one or two impromptu magic effects.

Magic performances prior to the popularity of the term “street magic”, was often called “busking” or “strolling magic”… of course it doesn’t sound as cool as “Street Magic”…

Some say that Street Magic is just a fad, but the truth is that this form of entertainment has been around since the inception of magic… and will be around for a long time to come. So, why all this buzz??? Because Street Magic is unpredictable, different and has an edge to it.

There are so many variables when performing for strangers on the street. It forces the performer to adapt and learn what is effective and… not.

There’s nothing like practicing your magic day after day and finally getting out in front of “real people”… AND getting insane reactions from people you’ve never met!

In future posts, I’ll share some resources and review the different types of material that’s available for the aspiring street magician.

Stay tuned.